Funny Business Cards

Funny Business Cards

No matter what the occasion, you need to let people know who you are and what you do. We specialize in Funny Business cards that make you stand out from the crowd.  Our Funny business card templates are ready made to make people laugh! We have a giant range of Funny business cards available and we know what is funny and what is not. We are professional comedians living on the edge. We offer so much more than just the standard funny business card and can supply you with something for any event.

funny-business-cardsWe love to make people laugh and our joke business cards can be a great way to make friends, make people laugh and just have fun! The best funny business card is something you do not want to give out seriously, but only to amuse your friends, family, or strangers and they can help to lighten the mood and make people laugh! Make your first impression a funny one with our funny business cards that will get you attention and maybe have some fun! There is no better way to meet someone that to hand them a card and introduce yourself, accepting business cards will stay with you. The more memorable your business card is the better and a funny card will stick  out more than a lame phone number on a napkin.



Why Buy Funny Business Cards?

Our funny business cards can make people notice you and help you score that social or business connection you are looking for. When I was a teenager I made myself some very funny business cards and would give them two girls in my school at the nightclubs and in my neighborhood. It was hilarious the response and the reactions that I got from these girls was priceless. But what was more important and pretty cool was that they actually called me back.


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When I started to make funny business cards I also started to get more dates with girls who were away out of my league. The real value of having a business card is you look smooth cool and professional when you just hand out your information. It leaves it up to the girl to decide whether you made a good impression or not. It is a proven fact that many girls love guys who can make them laugh. In fact comedy is universal no matter who you are or what you believe everyone likes to laugh. Our funny business cards Will give you the confidence you need to approach girls who would usually never contact to you or go on a date with you. If you really want to get serious about making people laugh and connecting with people on a different level then you need to buy funny business cards.